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1. What day is my recycling picked up?
2. What can I recycle?
3. My recycling wasn’t picked up, what do I do?
4. What is Recycling?
5. How much does recycling cost?
6. Where do I pay for my sanitation services?
7. Why should I recycle?
8. On which holidays are recycling or garbage not picked up?
9. Can I order an additional recycling container?
10. Where should I put my container for pickup?
11. When should I have my container on the street?
12. I don’t want a recycling container; will the City come pick it up?
13. How many times a week will my container be emptied?
14. What happens if my container is damaged?
15. I recently moved into West Valley City. How do I sign up for waste removal service?
16. I just moved into an existing home in West Valley City. There is no garbage can, how do I get a new can?
17. My container is broken, burnt or missing, how do I get a new container?