Investigations Section

There are three investigative groups: A, B, and C. Investigative Groups A and B are non-specific and are each led by a Sergeant and several Detectives.
Both groups are equipped with the necessary resources to handle all types of cases:
  • Major Crimes: Robberies, Homicides, Threats, Deaths, Kidnappings, Missing Persons, Assaults, Weapon Offenses, etc.
  • Property Crimes: Auto Thefts, Frauds, Forgeries, Financial Crimes, Embezzlements, Internet Frauds, Criminal Mischiefs, Thefts, Burglaries, etc.
  • Domestic Violence / Sex Crimes: Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse, Child Sex Crimes, Adult Sex Crimes, Custodial Interferences, etc.
Investigative Group C is designated as the Juvenile Investigations Group which includes School Resource Officers. Group C is led by a Sergeant, and consists of several detectives who are stationed at each of the Junior High Schools and High Schools within the city. They work diligently with the school administration to ensure the safety of the students both on and off of campus. They are also tasked with investigating crimes committed by juveniles under the age of 18 - unless they are still enrolled in school.